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About Us

Surf City Squeeze® has been enjoying the radiant sunshine and rippling waves since it was created in 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona. Our fresh smoothie business was founded on two simple principles: quality products and genuine customer satisfaction. Surf City Squeeze continues to bring killer smoothies to beach babes and surfer dudes in more than 100 stores from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Surf City Squeeze’s proprietary smoothie mix is what makes our delicious smoothies special enough to make up 90% of our menu. Our menu promotes overall well-being to keep customers motivated to ride waves, hit the gym or simply take on their day-to-day routines. While other drinks can cause wipe outs, Surf City Squeeze smoothies offer a feel-good pick-me-up.

The management team at Surf City Squeeze has developed the smoothie business operation with the same precision it takes for a surfer to master a barrel roll. The concept is a successful business location, efficient and appealing design, and a product menu that encompasses health and fitness awareness with new nutritional technologies.

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